A Message From Shannon Daulton

Well after a day of reflection, I just want to express how happy and proud I am of the Dixie Land Classic!!!! This event turned out almost exactly as I had wished. The tournament was designed for the players! The talent that was in Cue Time this week was absolutely unreal! 
I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to my comrades who came to support the event. You guys really put on a terrific show! Also, a BIG THANKS to every player and all of the pool FANS who showed up to support and enjoy the event, I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed the action this week!!! I cannot say enough about Dayne Miller. He was an absolute huge part in all of the success of this event!! He worked endless hours leading up to, and during this event. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Secondly, none of this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Chad Stark, owner of Cue Time. He gave us a blank canvas and said here go to work!!! Thank you for having faith in us & giving us the opportunity to put together a first class event. I hope you enjoyed the show!! Hats off to the staff for taking care of everyone! Thank you for the countless hours of hardwork!
I can't even say what a lifesaver that Steve McDonald was for coming and lending us his expertise & help directing this tournament.
You were invaluable, my friend!!!
Wow, what a show and broadcast that our buddy Ray Hansen with poolactiontv.com did on getting this event broadcast across the country. It was a great show, my friend!
With a little over $65,000 paid out for everything this week, I am honored to have brought the GSBT into Cue Time and produced such numbers from top to bottom!! Great shooting to the Dixieland 2017 Champion, Roberto Gomez!! You played some incredible pool all the way through this event!!
Also to my buddy, Sky Woodward. I know how bad you wanted this event. You played great the entire tournament also and congratulations on a job well done!
Again, just a Huge Thank You to everyone involved. I know I forgot someone...I apologize in advance.

Breaking News From West Monroe, Louisiana

Scotty Townsend Memorial

Congratulations to Dennis Orcollo as he continues his stellar play and snags two out of three titles that being the Ten Ball Ring Game and the 9 ball title

Dennis remained unbeaten in a field of 128 in the Nine ball event and had to be beaten twice by Sky Woodward, Sky fell short losing the first set 9 - 8

Dennis went for an insane $8,000 in the 9 Ball Calcutta but it reaped huge rewards as first place was $30,000 in the first Calcutta and $10,300 in the second Calcutta . First place for the tournament its self was $3,800.00

Collectively the first four picks in 9 Ball went for over $26,000 and the total in Calcutta 1 was just over $86,000

Sky Woodward went for $4800

Ramil Gallego finished 3rd and went for only $1k in the Calcutta

In the One Pocket event Billy Thorpe edged Shane VanBoening and pocketed $10,000 for first and $15,000 was disbursed for first place in the Calcutta

All in all the four Calcuttas blew the doors 
 off by going well over $160,000

Who says no money in pool lol

Tournament and Calcutta payouts below courtesy of Pool Action Tv

Breaking News From Joy ($150K First Place)

I was at the press conference in January in China when Joy announced next years first place would be approximately $150K USD, like many I was a tad skeptical well folks its 100 percent factual, outside of snooker and not since the IPT this amount becomes the largest first place prize currently in any pool event around the world surpassing most by more then $100,000 USD .

Joy earlier this received over 300 Million CNY from major sponsors to invest , promote and give back to the game .

If this doesn't make room owners around the world want to go out and buy a table , host events as well as pool players shifting their sights on this amazing discipline then I don't know what will as the 2018 Joy Masters Champion in January will walk away with an incredible $150,000 USD .

This past January 2017 Gareth Potts won approx $45,000 USD

Practice up players because ITS ON!


Message From OB Cues

We have FOUR new Deal of the week cues that have just been posted. These cues are perfect, very unique and will not last long so don't delay!! https://www.obcues.com/categories/Deal-of-the-Week/

You can contact the President of OB Cues directly as well Shane Sinnott

Congratulations Judd Trump

WINNER 🏆 Judd Trump beats Marco Fu 10-8 in the final to win the 2017 Ladbrokes Players Championship!

His seventh career ranking title and second this season, Trump scoops the £125,000 top prize and climbs to second in the world rankings!

Courtesy Of World Snooker

Shaun Wilkie goes undefeated in the Action Pool Tour. He defeats Chris Frutrel from Virginia 10-6 to claim the title! Shaun Wilkie is sponsored by Lights Out Billiards Apparel, Lucasi Custom Cues, Blackheart Tips, and Rayman's Pro Shop, 
Breaking News - Amway Cup Finals 
Taipei Taiwan 
34,000 USD first place
13,000 USD Runner Up

Si Ming CHEN is your Amway Cup Champion defeating X T Pan by a score of 11-8 Congratulations .

Eight groups of Five started this journey with only 24 emerging in to the Single KO Stage , and Si Ming Chen is victorious through it all!

Sha Sha Liu - Kim Gayoung Finished 3rd/4th

Kelly Fisher Allison Fisher Karen Corr Yu Han Ram finish 5th-8th.

Chinook Winds 8 Ball Championship

Congratulations to Roberto Gomez he goes though a field of 107 players and double dips Joey Gray to pocket 10,000 and the title

Roberto 10,000
Joey Gray 6,400
Billy Thorpe 4040,00
Rodney Morris 2560 ,00
Josh / Shane VanBoening 1620,00 each

Womens title goes to Brittany Bryant

Brittany Bryant 4,000 
Bernie Store 2,340
Cindy Sliva 1,360 
Emily Duddy 800.00

Mens Ten Ball 16 man invitational

Shane VanBoening 8,000.00
Jeffrey TheBull de Luna 4,000.00
Dennis Orcollo / Josh Roberts 2K each

Free Live Steam For The Chinese 8 Ball World Championships 
( In Progress Now )

Just click on one of the two arrows to choose the match

Thorsten is on the bottom arrow now


Mens Chinese 8 Ball Stage 2 
International Men ( 32 Players ) 
Double Elimination Race to 9 
March 13th 8 30 AM & 11 AM China Time

Draw Link ( International Men 32 ) 

Draw Link ( Chinese Men 32 players ) 

Jayson Shaw (GBR)
Steven A Martin (GBR)

Mohammad Ali Pordeliri (IRI)
Darren L Appleton (GBR

Mark Williams (GBR)
Radoslam A Babica (POL)

Steven Petty (GBR
Jack Whelan (GBR)

Mike Dechaine (USA)
Lee Vann Corteza

Brandon Shuff (USA)
Cheng Yu Hsuan (TPE)

Shi Hanqing (CHN)
Marlon Manalo (PHL)

Gareth Hibbott (GBR )
Antonio Lining (PHL)

Yang Ching Shun (TPE)
Joe Perry (GBR

Chang Jung Lin (TPE) 
Ko Pin Yi (TPE)

Ko Ping Chung (TPE)
Shane O'Hara (IRL)

Carlo Biado (PHL)
Clint Ianson (GBR)

Michael Hill(GBR)
Alex Pagulayan (CAN)

Wu Jia qing (CHN)
Arfan Dad (GBR)

ChangYu Lung (TPE)
Corey Deuel (USA)

Phone Myint Kyaw (MYA)
Chris Melling (GBR)