Congratulations to Justin Bergman he double dips Sky Woodward 7 - 5 7 - 6 to win the CSI USBT Ten Ball Championship

On the B -Side he was about to lose to SVB 7 - 5 but Shane missed the 6 to get out and Justin prevailed 7 - 6 after that Justin beat Larry Nevel then vs Billy Thorpe escaped with a 7 - 6 win after Billy broke and scratched on the hill hill game .

9-ball continues today with over 95 participants .

Update Justin went undefeated and beat Shane McMinn to win the 9-Ball as well.

Those two wins propelled him to win the overall title and picking up an extra $1500 to bring his weekly total to about $9,000

Congratulations Justin


Twice before he missed the very last black , but not this time

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh makes a maximum break at the Paul Hunter Classic, taking home a massive £40,000 prize for hitting the 147! Congratulations!

From Left to Right: Liu Shasha, Han Yu, Wu Jiaqing, Keving Cheng Photo Credit: WPA
Wu Jiaqing
Kevin Cheng
China Open Men's Final

Kevin Cheng rabbits foot victories saw him win four consecutive 11-10 matches to get in the final, that came to an end losing to Wu Jiaqing by a score of 11-4 .

This is Wu first major title since winning both the World 8 and 9 ball at the tender age of 16 years old in 2005.

Breaking News - Turning Stone

For those who have not heard Karen Corr defeated Earl Strickland hill/hill, then ran out of gas against another great player and lost to now 4-time Turning Stone Champion Jayson Shaw 13-5 Congratulations to both.

1. Jayson Shaw
2. Karen Corr 
3. Earl Strickland
4. Donny Mills
5. Ernesto Dominguez
6. Mike Dechaine

Picture Courtesy of BO Bader

CSI US Bar Table Championships 
(8 Ball)

Picture courtesy of BO Bader

Congratulations to Shane VanBoening he is your 2016 8-Ball champion as he goes undefeated and wins vs Jason Klatt 5-3 in the final picking up $4100 for his efforts .

I would like to thank both Mark Griffin and Ozzy Reynolds of CSI for sponsoring my coverage over the last week . It was a pleasure bringing you as a group all of the scoring.

Great showing by all

Rob Saez
Billy Thorpe

China Open Men's Draw Last 32 
Races to 11

First 8 matches at 1pm local time

Second set of matches at 3pm local time

Matches will be played down to the last 4 today

Mika Immonen vs Chen Shuangyou

Ralf Souquet vs Darren Appleton

Mario He vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz

Ricky Yang vs Wu Kunlin

Chu Bingjie vs Carlo Biado

Johann Gonzales Chua vs Cheng Yuhsuan ( Kevin Cheng )

Ruslan Chinahov vs Naoyuki Oi

Yang Chingshun vs Jeffrey Ignacio

Can Wang vs Lee Vann Corteza

Niels Feijen vs Fu Jianbo

Wu Jiaqing vs Denis Grabe

Zeng Zhaodong vs Imran Majid

Albin Ouschan vs Ko Pin Yi

David Alcaide Bermudez vs Jeffrey DeLuna

Alex Kazakis vs Alex Pagulayan

Yu-Lung Chang vs Jung-Lin Chang

Thank You Denis Grabe for the draw!

China Open Women's Draw (Last 16) 
Race to 9 
Single Elimination

Chezka Luy Centeno vs Han Yu

Ho Yun Chen vs Chihiro Kawahara

Jiang Teng vs Wang Xiao Tong

Eunji Park vs Ga Young Kim

Liu Shasha vs Shi Tianqi

Zhang Xiaotong vs Bai Ge

Rubilen Amit vs Chen Xue

Chieh - Yu Chou vs Zih Chian Wel

Please all join me in wishing the G.O.A.T Efren Bata Reyes a very Happy Birthday. Still plays Lights Out at the age of 62!
Turning Stone Starts Tomorrow!

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Turning Stone Resort Casino

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