Major Tour Announced And Run By Darren Appleton


World 8ball Series

This will be a Players Tour Run for the players and the fans around the world.

Thanks to the people that's really helped me big time with putting this together and giving me the idea, It's something I've thought about for a long time and I feel now the right Time.

Especially Angie Appleton and Michael Hill and Manny Stamatakis

4 events

First event will be Jan 14-17th New York Steinway billiards

Grand Prix Open 
Grand Prix Challenge (2nd chance)
Players that place in top 16 main event not Eligible to play challenge event

Event 2 TBC
Matchplay Open 
Matchplay Challenge (2nd Chance)

Event 3 TDC
Grand Slam Open 
Grand Slam Challenge (2nd Chance )

Events 4 Grand Final TBC
World Series 8 Ball Championship
World Series 8ball Challenge (2nd Chance )
More money and more added money

Single Elimination both events means better payouts and long races.👍.

All events be in 🇺🇸

Be worldwide Qualifiers

Will finalize details next Week

Still lot of work to do but looking good so far 👍.

Thanks for all interest

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Benelux Longoni Open 
Rotterdam., Netherlands 

Congratulations to Niels Feijen for winning the Longoni Open, great runner up finish for Francisco Sanchez Ruiz — with Francisco Sanchez Ruiz.
Current European Mosconi Cup Standings 
Courtesy of Richard Walker

Here are the latest unofficial European Mosconi Cup selection lists after the Longoni Benelux Open. Niels 'The Terminator' Feijen (Official) wins the penultimate European event and closes the gap on Mark Gray at the top of the European points list and moves above him and Jayson Shaw to be top of the Combined list.

These three players along with World Champion Albin Ouschan look odds on to make the cut at the current time but with two big World events and one more European event to come, who knows.

The next event is the final European event is the Dynamic Dutch Open starting from 29th September to the 1st October. Further details can be found here>> with live stream via Kozoom here>>

Congratulations to Sky Woodward for winning the inaugural Blue Diamond Bar Table Classic.

Runner up Alex Olinger

Congratulations to Mika Immonen as he wins the 2016 World 14.1 Straight Pool Championship

This was a match of almost two different halves at the first Intermission it looked like you could have engraved Mika name on the trophy as he looked to have a commanding 100 point lead vs Steinway House Pro and multiple World Champion Earl Strickland 180- 80.
Second half was almost all Earl as he took the lead but Mika fought back and we were tied at 258-258 , with now both only needing 42 balls Mika gutted out a tough win with a 300-270 victory

Congratulations Mika!

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This means that your cue will be built straight, stay straight and hit great. This cue also has a Centralized Balance System which means that weight has been placed in very specific locations throughout the butt of the cue to create an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is both crisp and lively. It really has to be felt to be appreciated. Custom feel in a production cue!

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Shane Sinnott

Major Breaking News

Alex Pagulayan has just personally asked me to post this challenge here.

Alex will play " ANY PLAYER IN THE WORLD " a race to 100 Nine Ball, Nine on the spot for 100k USD.

Updated revision, in order to attract more attention and players Alex is willing to play a home and home 50k each but 100k must be posted

I'm thinking there must be some millionaire that wants to bring Wu to the table.

Lets spread the word , please pm me with serious enquiries and offers only ty .

I'd like to add Alex is one of the most humble human beings on the planet , obviously Alex is running good as of late and feels great about his game and we all know he loves action and is a tremendous ambassador to the sport .

How about you Shane VanBoening ?

Group who has the best chance to beat Alex?

Alan Sword John Mars Jayson Shaw Sky Woodward

Manny Stamatakis Christopher C Wilson Joanne Ashton Monte Thayer E.j. Glode Ozzy Reynolds Shane Sinnott Ed Liddawi Mika Immonen John White



Major Breaking News

Ten Ball Race to 100

In principle we have a match in place only hiccup is the date in December , it will be after the Mosconi Cup but due to the uncertainty of MatchRoom announcing an exact date for the World Cup Of Pool we just dont have a precise date in place .

Shane VanBoening reached out to me and has made a counter offer of sorts and both parties have agreed to play a race to 100 over a three day period race to 35 , 70 then 100

Buy in will be a minimum of 10 K USD with a maximum of 20k USD

Before you all run to the bank and mortgage the house on SVB it should be noted although a shorter race and less cash Roland Garcia recently beat Worlds # 1 Kevin Cheng 18 - 13 for 2k USD .

On paper SVB is the favorite especially a race to 100 but perhaps the equalizer will be Rolands home table .

Both the backers and room owners have been gracious enough to offer to fly me in to Thailand and provide hotel accommodations in order for me to bring you live coverage of this epic event it so richly deserves.

They will also provide Shane a hotel and give him the VIP treatment he has deservedly earned .

I want to thank all parties for making this possible ill bring you more details as they become available .

On Cue News 4 You will be the exclusive Pool Media platform to cover this match . Let the comments begin , Christmas in Thailand wow what a treat ,

A Quote from Roland

Yes im happy to do that and its my pleasure to play shane a world class top player 😁😁 my sponsors will be happy as well 😁

Thank you Christopher Clark

Breaking News

On Cue News 4 You, in conjunction with Lights Out Billiards Apparel will be making a joint blockbuster announcement involving two superstars of the game.

No its not a signing it's much bigger, fans in the USA are going to be ecstatic!

This announcement will happen on Tuesday September 6th, here, on my website, and on Lights Out Billiards Apparel's Facebook Page. Stay tuned group!

World 14.1 Championships 
Kicks off in Forty-five minutes (11 AM)
Venue - Steinway Billiards

Will it be the Darren Appleton / Thorsten Hohmann show or will Shane VanBoening Mika Immonen or perhaps Jayson Shaw come through or will a long shot emerge to be crowned on September 11th, the road to victory starts today.

TV SCHEDULE Day 1! $15 for 11 hours of non-stop world class pool! Cheaper than a 2 hour movie! Order at

Day 1: Race to 100 points 
11:00 AM Danny Harriman vs Tom Gleich - TV table
11:00 AM Dennis Orcullo vs Bob Jewett - Secondary TV table
12:30 PM John Schmidt vs Holden Chin - Main TV. 
12:30 PM n Thorsten Hohmann vs Sean C Morgan - Secondary TV table
2:00 PM Archer vs Scharbach - Main TV
2:00 PM Eckert vs Snodgrass- Secondary TV table
4:00 PM Strickland vs Levandaski- Main TV
4:00 PM S Morgan vs B Hunter- Secondary TV table
5:30 PM Appleton J Smith- Main TV
5:30 PM M Immonen vs G Ok - Secondary TV table
7:00 PM Shaw vs Barouty Main TV
7:00 PM D Harriman vs J. Rodriguez- Secondary TV table
8:30 PM T Hohmann vs B Hunter- Main TV
8:30 PM Strickland vs Orcullo - Secondary TV table

My coverage is Sponsored by Charlie Williams of Dragon Promotions and Manny Stamatakis of Steinway Billiards. Thank you both.