Watch the the final two days of the US Open 8-Ball Championship, Pick Your Poison Challenge (Shane VanBoening vs Thorsten Hohmann), Tiger Challenge (Francisco Bustamante vs Rodney Morris), OB Challenge (Justin Bergman vs Corey Deuel ), and much more! The All-Access Package is still the best value!

Ozzy Reynolds

CueSports International ( Ten Ball ) 
Last 24

A - side Last 4

Shane VanBoening vs Sky Woodward 
John Morra vs Rodney Morris

B - Side

Mike Dechaine vs Oscar Dominguez 
Matthew Edwards vs Alex Pagulayan

Jason Klatt awaits winner from above 4

Josh Roberts vs Georgi Georgiev
Taylor Anderson vs Shaun Wilkie

John Schmidt awaits

Max Eberle vs Jesse Bowman 
Kevin Guimond vs Robb Saez

Amar Kang awaits

Shane McMinn vs Justin Bergman
Billy Thorpe vs Vilmos Földes

Edgie Geronimo awaits

Ozzy Reynolds

A Word From One Of My Sponsors (OB Cues)

We are proud to announce that OB Cues are the official cues of the 2016 US Bar Table Championships taking place in Las Vegas from August 22nd to August 28th 2016. Will you be there?

For more information on the event please go to the CSI website here:…

Shane Sinnott