World 9-Ball Championships 
Doha Qatar

Picture Accredited to BO Bader

Congratulations to Albin Ouschan in the last three years Albin has made the finals of the World 9 Ball in 2014 losing to Niels Feijen in 2015 Albin won the China Open defeating John Morra and now 2016 he rolled throughJayson ShawAlex Pagulayan, and then in the finals defeats Shane VanBoening 13-6 to cap an incredible run and showing outstanding cueing proficiency.

Albin sits on top of the pool world and is your World 9-Ball Champion, incredible shooting performance .

A side note If someone was to ask you who is the best Sister Brother Scotch doubles team in the World well look no further then Albin and Jasmin Ouschan.