Derby City Classic Wrap Up

Congratulations to Dennis Orcollo , today celebrating his birthday he picks up two significant checks one for 20,000 in winning the Master Of The Table and 16k for winning the DCC 9 Ball

Billy Thorpe wins 12k for the DCC One Pocket over Alex Pagulayan

Francisco Bustamante wins 10,000 for the 9 ball banks over Larry Nevel

Chris Melling wins 6500 for the 14.1 title over Mika Immonen

Shannon Daulton 12k for Ring Game banks.

Jayson Shaw 16k Diamond Billiard Big Foot Ten Ball Challenge over Alex Kazakis

My live scoring coverage of the streamed matches was sponsored by AccuStats Productions thank you Jim Fredericks and Patrick Fleming

Pictures from the very best Pool photgrapher in the buisness JP Parmentier
Link to Pics from the Derby: 
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