Current European Mosconi Cup Standings 
Courtesy of Richard Walker

Here are the latest unofficial European Mosconi Cup selection lists after the Longoni Benelux Open. Niels 'The Terminator' Feijen (Official) wins the penultimate European event and closes the gap on Mark Gray at the top of the European points list and moves above him and Jayson Shaw to be top of the Combined list.

These three players along with World Champion Albin Ouschan look odds on to make the cut at the current time but with two big World events and one more European event to come, who knows.

The next event is the final European event is the Dynamic Dutch Open starting from 29th September to the 1st October. Further details can be found here>> with live stream via Kozoom here>>

European Mosconi Cup

Albin Ouschan takes and early lead in the World ranking list with his success in the World 9-Ball Championship.

Jayson Shaw takes a clear lead in the Combined points list. With Jayson on top in both Euro Tour list and Combined list then the available spot would go to the next highest player on the Combined list Mark Gray

The 7th event of 9 Euro events starts tomorrow in Albania all the details are here


Thank You Richard Walker