Lights Out Billiards Website is now Live! Here is a message about this Sponsor:

In 2016, Lights Out Apparel Company was founded by Jake Lawson and Zack Kosojet, both of whom are cousins from Baltimore, MD. Growing up they both played a variety of sports and were known to be fiercely competitive, regardless of the activity. They both shared the opinion that sports shirts sometimes were too bland or too stereotyped and what they wanted was different. A product with not only attitude and emotion, but with class and integrity. After many years of education, training, and business experience they decided to launch this clothing apparel business to ultimately bring a better product to today’s athletes and competitors that embodied their vision.

They have already signed a Sponsorship with the  2016 Amway Cup Winner Chezka Centeno and they continue to look for players who embody their brand as they continue to grow!

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