Major Breaking News

Alex Pagulayan has just personally asked me to post this challenge here.

Alex will play " ANY PLAYER IN THE WORLD " a race to 100 Nine Ball, Nine on the spot for 100k USD.

Updated revision, in order to attract more attention and players Alex is willing to play a home and home 50k each but 100k must be posted

I'm thinking there must be some millionaire that wants to bring Wu to the table.

Lets spread the word , please pm me with serious enquiries and offers only ty .

I'd like to add Alex is one of the most humble human beings on the planet , obviously Alex is running good as of late and feels great about his game and we all know he loves action and is a tremendous ambassador to the sport .

How about you Shane VanBoening ?

Group who has the best chance to beat Alex?

Alan Sword John Mars Jayson Shaw Sky Woodward

Manny Stamatakis Christopher C Wilson Joanne Ashton Monte Thayer E.j. Glode Ozzy Reynolds Shane Sinnott Ed Liddawi Mika Immonen John White