Congratulations Shane VanBoening

Shane wins the 2016 U S Open Ten Ball title ( Bar Box ) defeating Mosconi Cup point leader Rodney Morris by a score of 13 - 8 .

Rodney in the hotseat match was trailing Shane by a score of 6 - 2 and then proceeded to send SVB to the B -Side by winning 8 of the next 9 frames for a 10 - 7 win

Shane in the finals was in control early continuously leading by 2 or three games but Rodney was able to tie this match at Eight then SVB took control and won the last Five frames .

Shane over took Shaun Wilkie and is now in fifth place on the Mosconi Cup Ranking list .

Later today at 1 pm EDT Shane opens up against Taylor Anderson in the U S Open 8 Ball .

Shane $ 10,000 
Rodney $ 6000 
John Morra $ 3000
Sky Woodward $ 2500

Picture credit goes to 
J P Parmentier