Sky Woodward a tremendous ambassador and role model . 

 Below is a post by one of the junior players " This post is coming a few days later then I would have liked but my travel schedule has been extra active lately and I’ve fallen behind. As the Captain of the Junior Team Cyborg, there are a few people that I would like to thank on behalf of the entire team for one of the most amazing weeks ever not just for me but I think for every player that participated at the BEF Junior Nationals. During last week’s event, our Team Captain Sky Woodward came to support and encourage us as he does every other week. The difference this time is that it was in person. Because of his busy scheduling and the fact that our team is spread all over make it difficult to see him more often. With 8 of our team at the BEF last week, Sky arranged his schedule to be with us for 24 hours. As we now know, 24 hours at the start of the event turned into Sky presenting the medals at the end of the event. What many people might not realize is that the Sky stayed, putting every player at that event before himself. Not only did he stay to support and encourage all of us, he did so missing a planned tournament. How incredibly awesome is that? And not just for Team Cyborg players, for every player in the room. Our team has only 4 rules and Sky showed us just how important one of our rules is. That rule is Integrity. Our advisors have taught us that it doesn’t matter the name on the patch another player wears, that we treat everyone with the same level of respect. Watching Sky demonstrate that throughout the week only made me more proud to be a part of our team. Sky never said no to a request to play, or for advice, or for a picture. For making a special week even more special, on behalf of all of our team, I would like to thank you Skyler Woodward. You have inspired us not only to be better players on the table, but better away from it as well "