Shane VanBoening Trips Up A Trio Of Greats

Congratulations to Shane as he has tied Earl Strickland winning his 5th US Open including four out of the last five .

All he did today is take down Dennis Orcollo, Jayson Shaw and Chang!

Jayson almost pulled off another Houdini act as he trailed Chang 10 - 4 to see himself miss the 3 ball at ten ten and lose a heartbreaking match 11 - 10

Shane routinly beat Dennis Orcollo 11-5

Shane then finds himself down 6-0 to Jayson only to win 11 of the next 14 games for a 11-9 victory!

In the finals Shane got out of the blocks slow once again and had to erase a 3-0 lead by Chang, taking the title 13-9

Shane's road to the title:

Frankie Hernandez 11-7
John Morra 11-10
Jung Lin Chang 4-11
Thorsten Hohmann 11-6
Corey Deuel 11-4
Daryl Peach 11-7
Mike Dechaine 11-6
Brandon Shuff 11-4
Alex Pagulayan 11-9
Jeremy Jones 11-5
Dennis Orcollo 11-5
Jayson Shaw 11-9
Jung Lin Chang 13-9

That's Champion after Champion. All time great playing. Congratulations sir!

What a tremendous run by all, again great job Shane! There's another $50,000 check waiting in Kuwait, see you shortly safe travels!