A Message From Shannon Daulton

Well after a day of reflection, I just want to express how happy and proud I am of the Dixie Land Classic!!!! This event turned out almost exactly as I had wished. The tournament was designed for the players! The talent that was in Cue Time this week was absolutely unreal! 
I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to my comrades who came to support the event. You guys really put on a terrific show! Also, a BIG THANKS to every player and all of the pool FANS who showed up to support and enjoy the event, I hope each and everyone of you enjoyed the action this week!!! I cannot say enough about Dayne Miller. He was an absolute huge part in all of the success of this event!! He worked endless hours leading up to, and during this event. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Secondly, none of this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Chad Stark, owner of Cue Time. He gave us a blank canvas and said here go to work!!! Thank you for having faith in us & giving us the opportunity to put together a first class event. I hope you enjoyed the show!! Hats off to the staff for taking care of everyone! Thank you for the countless hours of hardwork!
I can't even say what a lifesaver that Steve McDonald was for coming and lending us his expertise & help directing this tournament.
You were invaluable, my friend!!!
Wow, what a show and broadcast that our buddy Ray Hansen with poolactiontv.com did on getting this event broadcast across the country. It was a great show, my friend!
With a little over $65,000 paid out for everything this week, I am honored to have brought the GSBT into Cue Time and produced such numbers from top to bottom!! Great shooting to the Dixieland 2017 Champion, Roberto Gomez!! You played some incredible pool all the way through this event!!
Also to my buddy, Sky Woodward. I know how bad you wanted this event. You played great the entire tournament also and congratulations on a job well done!
Again, just a Huge Thank You to everyone involved. I know I forgot someone...I apologize in advance.



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